Jelly Bellies are funky natural humanimal characters existing in a universe where we are each individually unique, but at the primal building blocks, all one.  With nature, with other creatures, with eachother. 

They celebrate the idea that we humans are animalistic beings made up of the same *stardust* as every other creature, tree and force of nature on this crazy space rock. 

Jelly Bellies have always been somewhat ambiguous in their gender and race, removing human ideals of what separates us.  From there they are juxtaposed with the animal that is inside all of us, depicting the nature we are made up of, reminding us to stay connected to our primal selves.  

With this project you can own your very own humanimal! Minting a Jelly Belly will get you a funky humanoid buddy with mixed animal and nature features encouraging you to tap into your inner creature and live each day expressing the essence of YOU! 

Not only that, but you will be helping preserve our beautiful planet for future generations of all creatures to enjoy. We will be donating a portion of each sale (with full transparency) towards conservation relevant to each drop- Land, Sea, Air. 

The Team

All original ideas and hand drawn assets created by Kfez

Web tech and beyond! The genius behind the scenes bringing Jelly Bellies to the blockchain

About the Artist

Kfez graduated from Appalachian State University with a BFA in studio arts. Though she enjoys working with many different mediums, she focuses mainly on illustration both digitally and painting with acrylics. 

In her art she expresses the idea that we are all one- humans, animals, earth. This is depicted through creatures ranging from human to animals and beyond. Pieces show colorful, funky snapshots of a universe where the lines are blurred, human becomes animal, and animal becomes…well, whatever that is. 

A common theme shows humans regressing back to a more primal, natural state, away from the constraints of modern society and back towards who we are at the essence of our being. Becoming the animals we really are. There are also themes of nature vs. technology, the circle of life, and just general silliness. 

The Jelly Bellies are a character that developed as Kfez found her soul and style as an artist. And what a journey it was! These funky little beings show up in various forms throughout Kfez’s pieces, though the most original is the naked, ambiguous-gendered chubby guy. These have been interpreted to represent the essence of humans, from there taking on their primal animal form or appearing trapped by the constraints of modern society, unable to balance nature with the technological world we have built. 

About the Developer

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phrankerCO is a full stack developer residing in Colorado USA. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science + Business Administration. His love of technology began at very young age and continues today.

His professional career over the past 17 years includes consulting in a management role for businesses in the Financial, Manufacturing, Technology, and e-Commerce sectors and specializes in back-end open source technology and networking.

He has been involved in the crypto space and blockchain development since 2014. He is currently the lead developer on multiple projects on the Cardano network.

phrankerCO’s personal life centered around his love of live music (Phish), semi-professional poker, and disc golf. However, that was all before recently becoming a new parent in 2020. His life outside of work is now focused on being the best Dad he can be to his adorable daughter.



What are Jelly Bellies?

Jelly Bellies are funky humanimal NFT’s living on the Cardano blockchain. They represent humans as the animals we are, living naturally in their primal state. Each is uniquely generated with animal features and elements of nature specific to the regions they reside in- Land (drop 1), Sea (drop 2), Air (drop 3). 

How many Jelly Bellies will be available?

There will be 2500 Jelly Bellies in each drop, a total of 7500. Each drop will feature completely unique art by Kfez (no repeating body types or assets) and will only be scheduled once the previous drop has sold out.

Drops will be separated into Beings of the Land, Creatures of the Sea, and Animals in the Air.

Wen Drop?

Jelly Bellies: Beings of the Land (qty 2500) mint date is March 20, 2022 at 19:00UTC

What will the donation portion of this project be?

Upon sell out, we will be donating 2500 ADA from each drop with full transparency to organizations dealing with issues surrounding land, sea, and air preservation. That is 7500 ADA total towards saving our planet if/when all Series sell out.

We want to preserve earth’s natural environments to ensure future generations of all creatures are able to thrive!

For S1 Beings of the Land we will be donating to World Land Trust, purchasing acres to preserve. As a community we will decide on which region we would like to purchase land in! World Land Trust works with trusted partners and local communities to protect and maintain the land.

Click here to see more about World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre program.

How much will it cost to mint a Jelly Bellies NFT?

It will be just 33 ADA to mint a Jelly Bellies NFT!

How can I mint a Jelly Bellies NFT?

When it comes time to mint, the address will be available on our website.  Send the exact amount of ADA to the provided address. You will receive your Jelly Bellies asset as well as approximately 1.5 ADA returned. 

Is there a limit to how many Jelly Bellies I can mint?

The limit does not exist!  Jelly Bellies are pack animals and prefer to socialize, so make sure yours has a buddy! 

What is the Policy ID?


Series 1: Beings of the Land


Minting is LIVE

For every 33₳ (max 3 per transaction, up to 99₳ max) sent to the mint address below, you’ll get a random Jelly Bellies: Series 1 – Beings of the Land NFT plus 1.6₳.

Please only use a Shelly era wallet (Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, ccVault, Flint, etc) and do not send directly from an Exchange (Coinbase, Binance, etc) as you will not receive your Jelly Bellies.


Please allow up to 25 minutes for transaction to process. Any amounts received that are not 33₳, 66₳, or 99₳ will be manually refunded within 24 hours. Please be patient with refunds.